Site Plan

This subdivision is not yet registered by the consumer protection and antitrust bureau of the Department of Justice, state of New Hampshire, and until such registration is ordered, no binding contract for sale or lease of any interest in a lot in the subdivision may be created.

Countryside Dunbarton NH Site Plan
Lot /AddressLot SizePriceAvailability
Lot 1 Fairway Dr5.00 Acres$239,000 Reserved
Lot 2 Fairway Dr5.00 Acres$249,000 Reserved
Lot 3 Fairway Dr6.36 Acres$239,000 Reserved
Lot 4 Hilltop Ln5.01 Acres$239,000 Reserved
Lot 5 Hilltop Ln5.01 Acres$239,000 Available
Lot 6 Hilltop Ln29.38 Acres$299,000 Available
Lot 7 Hilltop Ln13.53 Acres$279,000 Available
Lot 8 Hilltop Ln12.00 Acres$269,000 Reserved
Lot 9 Hilltop Ln6.53 Acres$219,000 Reserved
Lot 10 Hilltop Ln6.04 Acres$219,000 Available
Lot 11 Hilltop Ln12.03 Acres$279,000 Reserved
Lot 12 Hilltop Ln18.00 Acres$289,000 Available
Lot 13 Hilltop Ln24.00 Acres$299,000 Reserved
Lot 14 Hilltop Ln5.00 Acres$219,000 Reserved
Lot 15 Hilltop Ln5.33 Acres$229,000 Reserved
Lot 16 Hilltop Ln5.01 Acres$209,000 Reserved
Lot 17 Hilltop Ln5.00 Acres$239,000 Available
Lot 18 Hilltop Ln5.00 Acres$209,000 Available
Lot 19 Hilltop Ln5.06 Acres$219,000 Available
Lot 20 Hilltop Ln12.01 Acres$269,000 Reserved
Lot 21 Hilltop Ln18.16 Acres$299,000 Reserved
Lot 22 Hilltop Ln5.44 Acres$219,000 Available
Lot 23 Hilltop Ln6.61 Acres$229,000 Reserved
Lot 24 Fairway Dr5.06 Acres$229,000 Reserved
Lot 25 Fairway Dr6.23 Acres$229,900Reserved
Nicole Watkins REALTOR

Margherita Verani